Over the past few months we have received a number of emails from members of our CCC Family.  We are hearing your concerns!

Many of you have asked us a very important question:

What will the Canadian Compassion Club’s status be once the federal government of Canada has Legalized Cannabis for Recreational use?

We wish to assure you that CCC will NOT alienate our members and their Medicinal needs!

There will likely be a number of current Medicinal dispensaries that will change their mandate to serve Recreational customers upon Legalization. These shops will vary in their ability to properly care for and work with Medicinal patients.

The Canadian Compassion Club offers MEDICINE and will always remain a Medicinal service!


The medicines we offer are organic whenever possible.  We are advocates for Harm Reduction, especially for those with compromised immune systems.  When healing, our bodies require clean medicine or they must work harder to efficiently utilize the medicine they receive.  CCC assures quality by visiting the gardens where our flowers are grown, knowing our growers and what they use on the flowers and in the soil, and through buying locally whenever possible.  We are, and always will be, on YOUR side, and will continue to bring safe, clean, high quality cannabis medicines to those in need.
We at the Canadian Compassion Club recognize that a person who has Cancer, MS, Epilepsy and other seizure disorders, Lyme Disease, IBS, psoriatic arthritis, kidney failure, back pain due to injury, or any number of other debilitating ailments is choosing to use the cannabis plant for far different reasons than the person who wishes to enjoy some quality herb before a concert, or to relax and unwind with friends at a BBQ.  We support these Recreational choices, too, but will only provide Medicinal options through our service.  We at CCC will continue to serve your individual Medicinal needs with kindness and with compassionate care.

Please know that your personal situation is important to us.  Each and every one of you has unique needs, and we at CCC will be here to honour them, and to honour you.  

We are here when you need us!
With much love,
Michelle (and the Canadian Compassion Club Team)