Welcome to your Farm!

We are very excited to announce our purchase of a private farm property!  The Canadian Compassion Club now owns a beautiful space in the interior of BC in which to grow wonderful medicine for our members.  We took possession on April 20 of this year… yes, really!  April 20!  What a meaningful date to start such a venture.

We have been working hard for the past 6 months to grow and nurture beautiful medicine for you, our members.  The harvest season is well underway, and within 1-4 weeks, you will see 30+ strains show up on our menu, all from our very own farm!

** UPDATE – Our farm strains are all now available online!  Each strain is marked with “CCC” in the listing.  Most of them have a picture or two from the garden, taken while they were in flower, so you can see what they looked like while in flower.  These strains are BC Certified Organic (transitioning status – T1), and were grown with love for you!

The CCC Farm has undergone testing for BC Organic Certification.  We have already been given a certification as a Transitioning farm, which means that though we are using all organic inputs, they wish to monitor the farm for the next 3 years to make sure it remains organic before issuing a fully organic certificate.  All of our medicine is grown using all-natural organic inputs, NO chemical fertilizers or pesticides, these flowers are sun-kissed and rain showered with the very best nutrients that Mama Nature herself can offer, along with a wonderful assortment of organic compost teas and other healthy, natural inputs.

The images in this post are all of different strains located on our farm!  Each strain grown on our farm will feature images taken during their growth cycle, so you can see what they looked like while they were in flower.

The moving images on our new Welcome page are all from our farm!  I filmed the video clips myself and am proud to showcase them on our site.  I hope it makes you feel a bit like you are standing in your very own cannabis garden, because each and every one of you are there in the fields with us, in spirit.  Lovingly tended by us, this is truly YOUR garden!

With much love,
Michelle (and the rest of the CCC Team)