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    Well a BIG congrats to CCC Crew for their Farm Grown Goodness! I’ve sampled the Sativas and must say to all visitors here that they are very nice. Im gonna try the Tut variety next. The Power Plant & Lemon Haze are great to manage pain, nausea and are very energetic too. A small amount goes a long way!
    The buds have great bag appeal, smell fresh and both have good terpene presence, lots trikes, pristine negs. The Power Plant smoke to me has a nice piney-earthy note and not flowery. The Lemon Haze smoke to me has a nice citrusy note and when I have blended them together and had a few tokes, I con’t remember which flavour prevailed or influenced the other.

    I find these two will literally evaporate my nausea with 2-3 tokes.

    So pouring out peace and blessings to Michelle et.al. for continued successes and BIG thanks for bringing outstanding quality product for budget-minded patients.

    growing peace everywhere,


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