1:1 Balancing Tincture – CCC


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Medicinal Quality 1:1 BALANCING TINCTURE – CCC
* All-Organic Ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil (Fractionated), Cannabis Indica Extract, Cannabis Sativa Extract, CBD Extract (from Canadian Hemp), Love!
* Need to feel your medicine working fast?  Tinctures can bring relief very quickly!
* This 1:1 Balancing Tincture is made from several strains of Indica and Sativa flowers, creating a wide cannabinoid profile.  It is medicinally effective for pain therapy, seizure relief, and relaxation.  The balance of Indica and Sativa properties can bring clarity to the mind and calm feelings.  The CBD offers anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antipsychotic, antioxidant, neuroprotective and immunomodulatory effects.
* The MCT Oil carrier helps the body to achieve full metabolic use of the cannabinoid compounds (very high Bio-Availability).
* Each 30ml bottle contains approximately 230mg of THC and 230mg of CBD.
* Each 60ml bottle contains approximately 460mg of THC and 460mg of CBD.
* There are 20 drops per ml of this tincture.  Each ml (20 drops) contains 7.6mg THC / 7.6mg CBD.
* Comes in a 30ml or 60ml Dropper Bottle.
**Oral and/or Topical Use Only**

  • Mild dose = 10 Drops
  • Moderate dose = 20-30 Drops
  • Heavy dose = 40+ Drops



30ml Dropper Bottle (230mg THC / 230mg CBD), 60ml Dropper Bottle (460mg THC / 460mg CBD)


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