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* Ingredients: Organic MCT Coconut Oil (Fractionated), Cannabis CBD Extract, Love!
* Need to feel your medicine working fast?  Tinctures can bring relief almost instantly!
* This Pure CBD tincture is medicinally effective for pain therapy, seizure relief, inflammation relief, and relaxation, with no psycho activity (contains 0% THC).
* Can also be safely given to Dogs and Cats who are suffering.  Relieves pain, seizures/spasms, anxiety, nausea, lack of appetite.
* May decrease tumour size in some cancer situations.
* The MCT Oil carrier helps the body to achieve full metabolic use of the cannabinoid compounds (very high Bio-Availability).
* Comes in a 30ml or 60ml Dropper Bottle.
* Each 30ml bottle contains approximately 500mg of CBD.
* Each 60ml bottle contains approximately 1000mg of CBD.
* There are 20 drops per ml of this tincture.  Each ml (20 drops) contains 16.6mg CBD.
* Contains NO THC (0% THC).
**Oral and/or Topical Use Only**

  • Mild dose = 3-10 Drops
  • Moderate dose = 12-20 Drops
  • Heavy dose = 25+ Drops



30ml Dropper Bottle (500mg CBD), 60ml Dropper Bottle (1000mg CBD)


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