Chem Fire – Hybrid
Pain relief, stress relief, euphoria.  Appetite aid, anti-depressant, can lead to a good sleep.  Invigorating!
Chem Dawg D x Fire OG Bx3

These flowers were grown with love in the organic soil on the Canadian Compassion Club’s very own farm!
CERTIFIED BC ORGANIC PRODUCE – ** Transitioning Status (T1) **


From CannaSOS:
Chem Fire cannabis strain by BC Bud Depot is an even hybrid. It smells and tastes so funky that it can overwhelm some users, but many call it a delicacy. It has notes of rotten meat, grease and fuel, with an equally deadly high. Ideal for daytime and evening usage.

Chem Fire cannabis strain’s high is shockingly potent, just like its smell. It has OG traits and will soothe the body as the mind flies high. Take this intense journey slowly and dose cautiously.

Breeder: BC Bud Depot
Lineage: Chem Fire cannabis strain is a cross between Chem Dawg D and Fire OG Bx3 cannabis strains.