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* All natural ingredients – MILK or WHITE Belgian Chocolate and Cannabis Resin
* Individually wrapped and easy to fit into your travel plans, these delicious Chocolates allow you to experience chocolate decadence without having to eat too much in order to receive your medicine.  A tasty treat!
* Good for pain relief, relaxation, euphoria, appetite aid, headache relief, etc.
** Store Chocolate in the refrigerator or freezer to keep for up to 3-6 months (or longer).
** Options are available if listed in the drop-down menu:

* WHITE CBD CHOCOLATES contain 10mg of CBD.
There is 1.4mg of CBD Isolate per gram of white chocolate.
Each CBD White Chocolate weighs approx. 7g = 10mg CBD per chocolate.

* MILK THC CHOCOLATE “Stop Signs” contain at least 100mg of THC.
There is 9.2mg of THC per gram of chocolate.
Contains a blend of the following strains:  PINK KUSH / WHITE WIDOW
Each THC Milk Chocolate weighs approx. 11-13.5g = 101mg – 130mg THC per chocolate.
** PLEASE NOTE – There is a stamp on the THC MILK CHOCOLATE “Stop Signs” that says “10mg”.  This is misleading.  There is just under 10mg of THC per GRAM OF CHOCOLATE, not in the entire “Stop Sign”.  Go slow, and if you have a kitchen scale, it may be wise to cut the chocolate and weigh out your dose!r


       ***request one 10mg CBD WHITE CHOCOLATE  free with any order over $200.
       ***request one 100+mg THC MILK CHOCOLATE  free with any order over $300.
                                     ** ONE (1) Free Item per order. **



Milk Chocolate (100+mg THC), White Chocolate (10mg CBD)