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* CBD (cannabidiol) medicine has been shown to be safe and effective, and can help treat pain and symptoms of many illnesses and the discomfort they can cause.
* CBD can offer chronic pain relief, relaxation, and anxiety and stress relief, along with having strong anti-inflammatory properties.  It can also function as a sleep aid.
* High-CBD medicine delivers potent pain relief, relaxation, balance, and restoration, with little to no psycho-activity.

* These CBD Pure Oils contain no contaminants or solvent residue.
** This page is for Vials and Oral Syringes only.  For pre-filled Vape Cartridges, please see this page: Resins / Oils / Distillates for Pen Systems
** Don’t want the pure oil?  We have many other forms of CBD treatment, click here to learn more about them.
** Strains are available if listed in the drop-down menu.


* Allow us to create a Custom Tincture for you!  Make your Resin easy to take orally, to bake/cook with, and/or to apply topically to treat skin ailments.
* We are happy to do this for you for a small $5 processing fee.
* We use only the finest quality MCT Oil.  MCT Oil is odourless, tasteless, and liquid at room temperature.
** Alternative oils are available – Olive / Avocado / Sunflower.  When checking out, please make a note in the Order Notes if you require an alternative oil, or we will default to MCT Oil.

1) IMPORTANT – Choose the type and amount of Resin you want for your first Tincture.  Add this to your Shopping Cart.
2) Select the “Make Me a Tincture!” option.
3) Choose the Container of your choice:
       • 10ml Aromatherapy Bottle
       • 30ml Bottle with a Cap
       • 30ml Bottle with a Dropper
4) Add to your Shopping Cart.  Repeat the steps above for each Tincture you wish to have created for you.
5) Finally, make a note in the Order Notes letting us know which Resin(s) you want turned into a Tincture.  Be as specific as you can to make sure we know exactly what you want.  Email us if you have any questions.  We will take care of the rest!



CBD – Pure CBD – 57.28% CBD
Chronic pain relief, relaxation.  Anti-anxiety, stress/tension relief.  Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, sleep aid.
High-CBD medicine delivers potent pain relief, relaxation, balance, and restoration, with little to no psycho-activity.
Full-Spectrum – offers the benefits of naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.
This CBD Pure Oil is Full-Spectrum, made from hemp flowers (low THC content).
57.28% CBD / 2.57% THC / 1.46% CBG / 0.52% CBDV

3:1 BLEND – CBD + THC = 54.9% CBD / 15.36% THC (3:1 Ratio)
Clear, daytime pain relief, relaxation.  Euphoria.  Anti-anxiety.  Stress/tension relief.  High-CBD medicine delivers potent pain relief, relaxation, and restoration, with a 3:1 CBD:THC ratio.  Some psycho-activity, but it is not overwhelming, this is gentle medicine.
** Be aware that this blend has a high level of terpenes and its flavour can be overwhelming.  If you dislike strong plant-based flavours, choose a different option.  Contact us, we can help you find options that will work for you.


** For more information on how CBD may be helpful for you,
please read this article from Harvard Health Publishing:
Cannabidiol (CBD): What we know, and what we don’t



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CBD Pure Oil (68% CBD), CBD Pure Oil (65% CBD), CBD Pure Oil (57.28% CBD / 2.57% THC), CBD Pure Oil (80% CBD), Grape Goddess CBD Oil (44.8% CBD / 17.8% THC = 2.5:1), 3:1 Blend (54.9% CBD / 15.36% THC = 3:1), GBGC Distillate, God's Blue Cheese (Secret Garden), Grizzly Purple Kush Distillate with Terpenes, Orange Cookies Distillate with Terpenes, Power Plant Distillate with Terpenes, Quantum Kush (Secret Garden), Red Congolese Distillate with Terpenes, SFV OG Distillate with Terpenes, Super Lemon Haze Distillate with Terpenes, True Power OG (Secret Garden), White Widow Distillate with Terpenes, Pink Kush Distillate, Pink Diablo Kush Distillate, Blueberry / Cheese Pure Oil, Blueberry / Kush Pure Oil, Cheese / Kush Pure Oil, Grand Daddy Purple Pure Oil, Purple Kush Pure Oil, UBC Chemo / OG Kush Pure Oil, Make Me a Tincture! (See instructions below)


1.0g, 0.5g, 0.25g, 10ml, 30ml, 60ml


Vial, Oral Syringe, Aromatherapy Bottle, Bottle with Cap, Dropper Bottle