Dry Sift Kif


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ENIGMA BLEND – MIX (Sativa Dominant)
Blend of the following Organic strains: ICE CREAM / GORILLA GLUE #4 / Miscellaneous “mystery” indoor and outdoor Sativa-dominant strains.

MALANA – Sativa
Daytime pain relief, relaxation, stress relief.  Uplifting, mind-clearing, spirit lifting.  Cerebral.
Consumed in moderation this strain gives a bright, cerebral buzz which is very sociable and giddy; larger quantities produce a highly mind-altering psychedelic effect.
Body, Mind, and Spirit medicine.
Pure Himalayan (Highland Sativa) Charas Cultivar – Malana village, Himachal Pradesh, Northern India
DEM PURE Organic Certification

Weight 1 g

840, April Showers Blend, Blue 840, Black Mamba, Daybreaker Chem Dawg OG, Enigma Blend, Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle (ETV), God x AK-47, Goji OG, Hempstar, Homesteader, Jacked Up, King Tut, Malana (Sativa), Moroccan Hashplant, Mothership, Pineapple Jack, Purple God, Skyscraper, Tangie, Temple Spice, White Tangelope


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