EPARD Portable Cartridge System


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* Complete Portable CO2 Oil/Resin Cartridge System.
* Cartridge system makes switching between medicinal options a breeze!
* Completely discreet design allows you to take the battery+cartridge pen along with you, anywhere you want to go!  Simply leave the charging case in your car or at your home, where it will be waiting to recharge your battery upon your return.

* Buttonless operation.  Simply draw on the EPARD and let the vapour come to you!
* Each 90mAh EPARD Battery is rechargeable up to 300 times.  Place it into the magnetic charging slot in the Case to recharge.  Be sure to attach a Cartridge before placing the Battery into the charging slot or it may be difficult to remove.
* The EPARD Case is a 900mAh portable battery system that is able to recharge the pen 6-8 times before requiring recharging (using the included USB cable).  ** This case is an UPGRADE from our previous 500mAh systems. **
* Current EPARD Case is shiny black on the front and back with matte black around the sides (image shows silver around the sides – we no longer offer that version).

* EPARD Batteries, with a cartridge attached, are slightly smaller than Juju Joints and the Li’l Buddy Pens we previously offered, but are refillable and rechargeable.  No more waste!
* Cartridge capacity = 0.4ml (Pre-Filled EPARD Cartridges are available with 0.4g of Resin in each one)
* Case dimensions – Height = 96mm / Width = 47mm / Depth = 13mm
* Battery dimensions – Height (without cartridge) = 54 mm / Diameter = 8mm
* Cartridge dimensions = Height = 36mm / Diameter = 8mm
* Battery + Cartridge Total Height = 87mm (same height as a Juju Joint, but 1mm thinner)
* End lights up with a Red LED when in operation and has an 8 second cut-off.



Each EPARD system includes the following:

  • 1 – 900mAh Charging Case with slots for up to 3 Cartridges
  • 1 – Battery (90mAh Black Buttonless)
  • 1 – USB Charging Cable (Micro USB Connector)

** THIS PAGE IS FOR EMPTY EPARD SYSTEMS AND REPLACEMENT PARTS ONLY – Please see the page for RESINS, OILS and DISTILLATES for PENS to find Pre-Filled EPARD Cartridges and Full System Options. **

Choose Options:

Full EPARD System (without cartridges), Cartridge Only – 0.4ml – Empty, Replacement Battery


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