Gel Caps – CCC – “Resin Reclaim” Coconut Oil

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* These “Resin Reclaim” Coconut Oil Gel Caps are made with size “0” gelatine capsules (non-vegan).
* Each Gel Cap contains 0.7ml of Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil infused with Resin Reclaim Mix.
* Resin Reclaim Mix is made by taking all of our jars of resin and parchment paper pieces (from Wax, Live Resin, and Shatter) that we have used over time, and “washing” it all off into coconut oil, creating a potent medicine that is easy on your budget.

* These Resin Reclaim Coconut Oil Gel Caps can be taken anywhere, any time!  Discreet medicating at its finest!
* Great medicine, made with love!

Gel Cap Dosage Guide

  • 1 = Low Dose
  • 2 = Moderate Dose
  • 3 = Medium Dose
  • 4+ = Heavy Dose


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1 Gelcap, 6 Gelcaps (Pack)

1 review for Gel Caps – CCC – “Resin Reclaim” Coconut Oil

  1. LH (verified owner)

    Excellent Product !!!

    I have never experienced Migraine Relief so quickly and effectively with any other product prescription or otherwise – ever!

    Plus they make you feel VERY relaxed which is a bonus for me when I have off the charts anxiety – which is almost impossible to avoid these days in this insane world.

    Both the Resin Reclaim and CO2 Oil Reclaim are very high quality products at an incredibly reasonable price.

    So grateful as always to everyone at CCC 🙂 !!!!!

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