Green Dragon Tincture

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* Ingredients: Food Grade Distilled Ethanol (95%), Organic Cannabis, Love!
* Need to feel your medicine working fast?  Tinctures can bring relief almost instantly!
* This tincture is made with a Green Dragon infusion (95% Ethanol and Organic Cannabis).  It is full-strength and is VERY STRONG!!  There is no flavouring in this product.
* Comes in a 30ml Bottle with Dropper.
**Oral Use Only**

  • Mild dose = 1-3 drops
  • Moderate dose = 4-6 drops
  • Heavy dose = 7-10+ drops

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1 review for Green Dragon Tincture

  1. LH (verified owner)

    Cannot put into words how excellent this tincture is! Green Dragon Tincture has been consistently effective for pain, relaxation and insomnia. I start feeling the effects within a half hour and by the one hour mark a heavy dose is exactly where I need it to be to sleep through the night.

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