Pre-Rolled Joints


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* Handy for on-the-go medicating!
* Saves those with Arthritis and other discomfort from having to roll their own.
* Fast, ready delivery of medicine to those with Seizure Disorders.
** Image shows what our joints look like.  All Pre-Rolled Joints are sold Individually (not in a pack).
** Strains currently available are listed in the drop-down menu.

* Each of our standard Pre-Rolled Joints contain 0.5g (1/2 gram) of ground flowers and bottom of jar shake/trichomes, and are made using Organic RAW Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones.

* Each of our DEM Pure Certified Premium Pure Rolls contain 1.5g of flowers (tops only) and will be shipped in its own glass tube with a cork stopper to preserve the integrity of the joint and to ensure an ideal curing environment.

* Some of our Pre-Rolled Joints contain 0.5g (1/2 gram) of ground FLOWERS ONLY.  These are denoted with the word “Flowers” in their listed name.


CUSTOM JOINTS (from existing Flowers on our menu)
If you are interested in having us roll Joints for you from Flower strains that are not available on this page, please follow these instructions:

  • Add your chosen quantity of Flowers (Organic / Non-Organic / Budget) to your Shopping Cart.
    ** Each gram of Flowers ordered can be made into 
    Two (2) Joints, with 0.5g (1/2 gram) of Flowers per Joint.
  • Specify in the Order Notes which Flowers in your order you would like for us to roll into Joints for you and what size Joints you would like.
  • Add $1.50 per Custom Joint to your payment total.  This fee covers our materials and the time it takes for one of our helpers to create your Joint(s).
  • Enjoy!


** Occasionally, the pack of the flowers will tighten during shipping.  Upon receipt, please roll each joint gently in your fingers, starting from the filter and working toward the thick end of the joint.  If done gently and evenly, this will loosen the pack and ensure a smooth, even burn throughout the entire joint.  Test for tight spots before lighting, as they could hamper the flow of the smoke.  We wish for you to enjoy each medicinal Pre-Rolled Joint experience to its fullest!

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Premium Pure Rolls – 840 Tango (Hybrid), Premium Pure Rolls – Blue 840 (Indica), Premium Pure Rolls – Homesteader (Hybrid), Premium Pure Rolls – Mothership (Hybrid), Premium Pure Rolls – NorCal Afgoo (Indica), Premium Pure Rolls – Otto (Pure CBD), Premium Pure Rolls – Pinkleberry (Indica), Premium Pure Rolls – Sour Breath (Sativa), Premium Pure Rolls – Sour Frapp (Hybrid), Premium Pure Rolls – Sour Frapp x Banana (Hybrid), Premium Pure Rolls – Temple Spice (Hybrid), Premium Pure Rolls – Zelly's Gift (Hybrid), ** 707 Headband (Hybrid), ** Betty Warp (Hybrid), ** Blue Papaya Kush (Indica), ** Blue 840, ** Blueberry Kush (Indica – Flowers), ** California Orange (Hybrid), ** California Orange (Hybrid – Flowers), ** ChemFire (Hybrid), ** Congo (Sativa), ** Critical Bilbo, ** Durga (CBD), ** East Coast Sour Diesel (Sativa), ** GBGC (Hybrid), ** Gelato Chem (Hybrid), ** Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid), ** God x AK-47, ** Gorilla Glue #4, ** Hindu Kush, ** Ice Cream (Hybrid), ** Kaya's Dream, ** King Tut (Sativa), ** Kish / Shishkaberry (Indica), ** Kish / Shishkaberry (Indica – Flowers), ** Master Kush, ** Mextiza, ** Nebula (Hybrid), ** Nebula (Hybrid – Flowers), ** Nebula CBD, ** Northern Lights #5, ** Pineapple Express, ** Pink Kush (Hybrid), ** Purple Kush (Stave Lake Cut – Indica), ** Rainbow Skunk (Hybrid), ** Rainbow Skunk (Hybrid – Flowers), ** Skunk #1 (Hybrid), ** Skunk #1 (Hybrid – Flowers), ** The Doctor, ** White Castle (Hybrid), ** White Cookies (Hybrid), ** White Cookies (Hybrid – Flowers), 707 Headband (Hybrid), 840 (Hybrid), 840 x ETV (Hybrid – DEM), 840 Jack (Hybrid), 840 Tangiefruit (Hybrid), ACDC x Chem (High CBD), Ace of Spades (Hybrid), Afghan Kush, Ambrosia (Hybrid), Apricot Kush, Aztec, Barefoot Doctor (Hybrid), BC Big Bud, Beefy Blue (Hybrid – DEM), Betty Warp, Big Bud, Black Candyland (Hybrid), Black Cookies (Hybrid), Black D.O.G., Black Do-lato (Hybrid), Black Garlic (Indica – Flowers), Black Garlic (Indica), Blackbird Purple Kush, Blue Cheese, Blue Cookies (Hybrid), Blue Dream (Balanced Hybrid), Blue Dream (Early Harvest – Sativa), Blue Dream x Green Cush, Blue Gelato (Indica – Flowers), Blue God (Indica), Blue Hash, Blue Hash / Sensi Star Mix, Blue Lebanese (Indica), Blue Lights (Indica), Blue Satellite, Blueberry Kush (Indica), Bobina (Hybrid – Flowers – DEM), Bubba Kush, C-Warp (Hybrid – Budget), California Orange (Hybrid), Cannatonic (1:1 – CBD:THC), Cannatonic (20:1 – CBD:THC), Cannatonic (20:1 – Flowers), CBD Barbara (High CBD), CBD Digweed, CBD Rene, Chem Dawg (Hybrid), Chem Dawg x Jihadi (Hybrid – DEM), Chem La Luna (Hybrid), Chem Romance, Cinderella 99 (Sativa Hybrid), Citrique (Sativa Hybrid), Congo, Cosmic Papaya (Hybrid – DEM), Cosmic Papaya (Hybrid – Flowers – DEM), Crimson Crystal (Hybrid – Organic), Critical Congo (Hybrid – Organic), Critical Dream (Hybrid – Organic), Dawg Brains, Deep Elem Blue (1:1 – DEM), Deep Elem Blue (1:1 – Flowers – DEM), Devil XXL (Sativa Hybrid), Dubba Bubba, Durban Bud, Durban Cheese (Balanced Hybrid), Durga Mata, Early Girl, East Coast Sour Diesel, Extra Terrestrial Vehicle, G-13, G-13 x Purple Kush (Indica), G-13 x Purple Kush (Indica – Flowers), GBGC (Hybrid – Non-Organic), GBGC (Hybrid – Organic), Ghost Temple (Hybrid – DEM), Girl Guide Cookies, Glueberry OG (Balanced Hybrid), God 2.0 (Indica), God 2.0 (Indica – Flowers), God x AK-47, God Bud (Indica), Goddess (Sativa Hybrid), Goddess Purple Kush, Good 840, Goji OG, Goji OG 840, Gorilla Glue #4 (Indica Hybrid), Gorilla Zkittlez (Indica Hybrid), Gorilla Zkittlez (Indica Hybrid – Flowers), Grape God, Grapefruit Hashplant (Hybrid), Green Cush (Sativa), Hashplant (Indica), Hashplant x Afghan, Headband, Hempstar, Homesteader (Hybrid – DEM), Ice Cream (Indica Hybrid), Island Sweet Skunk (Sativa), Jack Herer (Hybrid), Kalashnikova, Kaya's Dream (Hybrid), King's Kush, Kish (Shishkaberry), Komodo OG, Kush Bomb, Kush Mix, Kush Mix (Budget), Lemon Breath (Sativa), Lemon Haze (Sativa), Lemon Pie (Sativa), Lemon Rose, Lil (Hybrid – DEM), Lil (Hybrid – Flowers – DEM), Lost Coast OG (Hybrid), Love Potion #1, LSD (Hybrid), Mellow Yellow, MK Ultra (Indica), Mothership (Hybrid – DEM), Mothership (Budget), Mr. E Kush (Indica), Mt. Rainier (Hybrid), Mystery Sativa, Nebula, Nebula CBD, NorCal Afgoo (Hybrid), Northern Lights, Nuken (Indica), OG Ghani (Hybrid – DEM), OG Kush (Hybrid), Orange Crush (Hybrid – Organic), Otto (CBD Only), Pink Kush, Power Plant (Sativa), Purple Cookie Fire (Hybrid), Purple Dream (Indica), Purple Kush (Indica), Purple OG Kush (Indica), Purple Pain Killer, Queen of Fire (Hybrid – Flowers – DEM), Queen of Fire (Hybrid – DEM), Rainbow Mix, Rainbow Skunk, Rene, Rene's Haze, Rockstar (Indica), Romulan (Indica), Romulan Grapefruit, Sensi Star (Indica), Skunk #1 (Sativa Hybrid), Skunk #1 (Sativa Hybrid – Flowers), Sour Breath, Sour Cookies (Sativa Hybrid), Sour Diesel (Sativa), Sour Diesel (Budget), Sour G, Sour Kush, Spectrum (CBD Only), Strawberry Diesel (Hybrid), Super Bud, Super Kush, Super Silver Haze (Sativa), Tangiefruit, Temple Spice (Hybrid), Temple Spice (Hybrid – Flowers – DEM), The Doctor, The Healer (1:1 CBD:THC), The Healer (1:1 – Flowers), Timewreck (Sativa), Trainwreck, Triple Berry Pie (Hybrid), Tuna God (Indica Hybrid – Flowers), Tuna God (Indica Hybrid), UBC Chemo, UK Cheese (Hybrid), Very Berry Haze (Sativa), Warlock (Hybrid), Watermelon Sour Haze (Sativa), White Castle (Hybrid), White Cookies, White Sumo (Sativa Hybrid), Wonka (Hybrid – Organic), Zelly's Gift (Hybrid – DEM), Alien Irene (Hybrid – CCC), Alien OG (Hybrid – CCC), Blue Cheese (Indica – CCC), Bubba Kush (Indica – CCC), California Orange (Hybrid – CCC), California Sour (Hybrid – CCC), Chem Fire (Hybrid – CCC), Critical Bilbo (Indica – CCC), Death Star Bubba Kush (Indica – CCC), GBGC (Hybrid – CCC), Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid – CCC), God Bud (Indica – CCC), God Kush / Lasqueti (Indica – CCC), Ice Cream (Hybrid – CCC), King Tut (Sativa – CCC), MK Ultra (Indica – CCC), Nuken (Indica – CCC), OG Kush (Hybrid – CCC), Pole Cat x Blueberry (Hybrid – CCC), Purple Alien OG (Hybrid – CCC), Rockstar (Indica – CCC), Skunk #1 (Sativa – CCC), Super Lemon Haze (Sativa – CCC), Trainwreck (Sativa – CCC), Watermelon (Indica – CCC), Wedding Cake Gelato #33 (Hybrid – CCC), White Castle (Hybrid – CCC), White Nightmare (Sativa – CCC)