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* Pull-Snap is the product of Butane extraction.  A blend of Wax and Shatter.  Vacuum purged.


GBGC – Hybrid
Pain relief, energy, focus, relaxation.  Stress relief, anti-depressant.  A “mental couch ride”.  Organic.
Other names for this strain include: God Bud x Green Crack / God’s Green Crack / God Crack

Chronic pain relief, relaxation, sleep aid.  Uplifting, euphoric.  Stress relief, anti-depressant, appetite aid.  Organic.
Girl Guide Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies) x White Widow


** CCC recommends using this concentrate sparingly.  A little bit goes a long way.  Please use caution and care when using concentrates.

Weight 1 g

Live Resin Headband, Live Resin Kush Mix, Live Resin Timewreck, Ace of Spades, Aurora, Big Bud, Blue Dream x Green Cush, Blue Hash, Bubba Kush, GBGC, Hashplant, Headband, Kush Bomb, Purple Kush, Purple Pain Killer, Sour Kush, Super Kush, Trainwreck, Budget Kush Bomb, Budget "Mystery Mix", Budget Timewreck, White Cookies, White Cookies (Budget), White Cookies (Shatter), White Cookies (Shatter/Wax)


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