Medicinal Quality RESIN (HONEY OIL) – Butane Extraction (Closed Loop)

* All Cannabis Resin is FOOD-GRADE.  Butane Resin is Vacuum Purged.
* Our Resins can be inhaled/vaporized, eaten, or used as a topical ointment.

** Mix your Resin with Coconut Oil to make it tasty and easy to eat, to bake/cook with, or to apply topically to treat skin ailments.  We are happy to do this for you for an additional $5.
** Coconut Oil Infusion options:
MCT / Fractionated Coconut Oil – odourless, tasteless, liquid at room temperature.
** Then choose the container of your choice:
• 10ml Aromatherapy Bottle
• 30ml Bottle with a Cap
• 30ml Bottle with a Dropper


GRAPE GODDESS CBD – CBD = 44.8% CBD / 17.8% THC (2.5:1 Ratio)
Clear, daytime pain relief, relaxation.  Euphoria.  Anti-anxiety.  Stress/tension relief.  High-CBD medicine delivers potent pain relief, relaxation, and restoration, with a 2.5:1 CBD:THC ratio.  Some psycho-activity, but it is not overwhelming, this is gentle medicine.
** This oil is also available in Pre-Filled Cartridges by clicking here. **



** CCC recommends using this concentrate sparingly.  A little bit goes a long way.  Please use caution and care when using concentrates.