Resin / Honey Oil – Ethanol

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Medicinal Quality RESIN (HONEY OIL) – Distilled Ethanol Extraction

* Our Resins can be inhaled/vaporized, taken orally, or used as a topical ointment (apply Resin to bandage for wound care).
* All Cannabis Resin is FOOD-GRADE.
** All resins can be shipped in a vial, or in an oral syringe.

** Mix your Resin with Coconut Oil to make it tasty and easy to eat, to bake/cook with, or to apply topically to treat skin ailments.  We are happy to do this for you for an additional $5.
** Coconut Oil Infusion options:
MCT / Fractionated Coconut Oil – odourless, tasteless, liquid at room temperature.   Does not require warming before use.
** Then choose the container of your choice:
• 10ml Aromatherapy Bottle
• 30ml Bottle with a Cap
• 30ml Bottle with a Dropper


INDICA MIX Purple Kush / Sour Kush / Bubba Kush etc…
Heavy pain relief, appetite aid, relaxation.  Anti-anxiety, anti-depression, sleep aid.
A MIX of listed strains.  Organic.

57.25% THC / 0.72% CBD / 1.73% CBN

SATIVA MIX –  Sour Diesel / Blueberry x Green Cush / Purple Pain Killer etc…
Long-lasting pain relief.  Daytime energy, concentration.  Headache relief, eye strain relief, anti-anxiety.
A MIX of listed strains.  Organic.
56.02% THC / 0.63% CBD / 1.49% CBN


** CCC recommends using this concentrate sparingly.  A little bit goes a long way.  Please use caution and care when using concentrates.

Weight 1 g

Blue Dream, Bruce Banner, GBGC, Gorilla Glue #4, Pink Kush, Rockstar, Indica/Kush Mix (Indica), Sativa Mix (Sativa), Charlotte's Web (CBD), Mix Resin with MCT Coconut Oil (Organic), Mix Resin with Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil (Organic)


0.3g, 1.0g, 0.5g, 10ml, 30ml


Vial, Oral Syringe, Aromatherapy Bottle, Bottle with Cap, Bottle with Dropper

2 reviews for Resin / Honey Oil – Ethanol

  1. RS (verified owner)

    OMG ….. I have been chronic pothead for over 30y now with and 3 puffs on Gorilla Glue #4 was enough to set me on my arse good 🙂
    First time users beware this will hit hard 🙂 but it is a little bit of a creeper 🙂
    totally deserves a lot more than 5 stars 🙂

  2. AF

    mixing the indica oil with flower and vaping it was quite enjoyable. strong stuff. will definitely be getting more.

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