I have never had a single bad experience, this company is by far one of the greatest I have ever dealt with overall!!


Thank you for the excellent customer service. The odd time I have needed to reach out it has always been 10/10. Keep up the good work!


You’re good. Really good. Great customer service.


You guys are truly the best I’ve found for what you do. Thank you for being there for us medicinal ppl.


Hello Michelle and everyone at CCC, please don’t stop what you’re doing.

I received my package this morning around 9am. I couldn’t believe how quick the shipping was. You’re packaging with the tupperware makes so much sense! Each DEM flower I was so amazed by; the most healthiest and attractive flowers I have ever received. Lovely job, really.


Thanks for your outstanding service. You guys have been great!!


Michelle and Crew, Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!! For everything you do!!!! You are VERY much appreciated 🙂


Thanks for the excellent customer service as usual.


Thanks so much and I really appreciate you and your company. You offer such great customer service and product knowledge!


Awesome! Thank you so much, Michelle. Your product and customer service are wonderful! 


Thanks so much for the awesome customer service as always.


I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how incredibly awesome your packaging is

Sent safely with respect to its contents everytime but as well the containers too are great! Tiny Tupperware

Reusable, recyclable and funky reeeel funky. We like that. 

And all of you at CCC keep up being truly the best I’ve seen at what is you do.

With much luv and respect;


(Regarding our farm and our own organic flowers)

That is wonderful news Michelle, it is a very exciting time for you at CCC!  This will enable you to continue to bring your compassion, expertise and excellence in customer service to those of us who appreciate it so much and expand it to your very own produced and branded product. I look forward to being one of the first try your medicine.


I greatly appreciate your help!  Thank you so much for all you do, I always have the perfect customer service!


Hi.  Thanks for the note – you guys have an uncommonly good customer service.


Awesome, thank you again for reaching out. Great service from you as always.


As always I very much appreciate your customer service and attention to detail.


As always I impressed with and at the benefit of your great customer service.  Please keep being the Best!


Good morning, just wanted to thank you for all the extra work you put into supporting me. Really appreciate the great customer service.


Thank you very much for the quick responses and help . Customer service 10/10 🙂 


I appreciate the follow up and your continued monitoring of this. 10/10 customer service!


(Order) Has arrived. Thanks again for the great Customer Service. 


I’m glad your service exists, the work your team does is amazing and is greatly appreciated so big thanks to everyone there!


Thank you for your excellent customer service as always. 


Great customer service as always.


thanks again for the great customer service


I’m always impressed with your customer service. You guys do a great job and always great product.


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I have dealt with Michelle before and her customer service is excellent and I see that is company wide.


You’re a doll….and excellent customer service!


Thanks Michelle! I’ll be honest, my group of friends doesn’t know if you are one woman or a team that messages under “Michelle”….but we enjoy your politeness and customer service!


Thank you for the excellent customer service!


Thank you so much for keeping an eye on it even after my initial email. You really went above and beyond on this one! I already really appreciated what your company does just from a business perspective, but I feel like I just got to experience the personalized customer service side of things too, and am extremely satisfied 🙂 Take care!


Thank you so much again for all your help! You guys are absolutely awesome.


Happy to say my package arrived yesterday evening. Thanks for the great customer service.


Thanks for the great customer service you constantly deliver.


Thank-you for your quick reply. You guys really do have the best customer service. Have a nice day.


Thanks so much Michelle  for always providing top notch customer service 🙂


I have not fully finished it so thank you so much for checking, your customer service is outstanding. I will be placing it later today. 


As always, accept and extend to your crew my thanks for the great customer service.  


I thank you for sending my replacement order today by Purolator, your excellence in customer service is most appreciated.


Package arrived today.  Amazing customer service, Michelle!


Thanks for the great customer service.


Thank You Michelle.  You guys have the best customer service.


Hello! I got my order today and I wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service and wanted to let you know that the juju joint works perfectly. Hope you have a fantastic week. 


Been ordering here for awhile now and have been enjoying the customer service 🙂


Hey Michelle thank you very much for following up. (I’ve said it a thousand times) you guys are by along way the best customer service of any business. 

I actually got it today… and it’s amazing as always. Thank you so much for your services and your time. Couldn’t thank you guys enough for what you do. 

Lots of respect.


… Everything arrived on Friday.   It is excellent and I am very happy.  Thanks again for everything you do.  You’re the best!

With gratitude,


I appreciate your commitment to customer service via your lost package policy…


Thank you! I love your service! You guys are awesome! Take care!


As your loyal and grateful customer of many years’ standing, I just  want to say ‘thanks’ again for the first class service I always receive from you.


Also thank you for your excellent service!


Clean, safe medicine is so important.  It’s really comforting to know so much thought and care is given when it comes to these practices.  Thanks again for all you do.  I firmly believe you’re helping people without all the side effects of pharmaceuticals.  It is wonderful that you exist and I’m very thankful for that.


Thank you for your time; and your continued dedication to good service — and flowers. 


I thank you for the reply. I just received my order today and am extremely happy with your customer service and how quick it got here. Thanks so much.


Thanks as usual for the great service and product!


The service that you folks provide means the world to me and improves my quality of life in a pretty profound way — thank you.


Thanks again for the great customer service!


Yes Mistakes happen and it just shows how outstanding the service of Thefarmacy is as you guys make it right and that is very much appreciated.  Thanks again for making the problem right, it really just proves the integrity of Thefarmacy. 


really appreciate your service as I’ve been a member for quite a while and its helped me a lot.


Thanks again for the awesome service, it is very appreciated to have good quality products at such affordable price!


I’m very content with the products and service that I’ve received using the CCC. It’s clear to see that customer service is of the utmost importance.


love your service as always, hope you guys are doing well 🙂


You have been one of the best in terms of customer service, it is nice to be able to feel like we are people and not just an order number, if you know what I mean! 


If even a fraction of business customer service was a good as CCC’s, the world would be a much better place : ) Keep up the great work.


thanks for your great service as usual!


…love your customer service, appreciate the help


I have been nothing but over the moon amazed with your service … customer service included


I received my order today. Happy Happy Happy!!!!  Thanks again for your wonderful service and dedication……so appreciated.


Thanks a lot again for your awesome and outstanding service… Thanks you a thousand time again for your impressive service.


…thank you for your great customer service.  I appreciate everything you do to help make the buying process a little easier.  Offer my gratitudes to your people too, the farmers, the handlers…

Thanks again for all that you do. 


Thank you very much for your help and it’s great to be back working with the best customer service in the known world 🙂 


Top notch service from you guys. 


Thanks! Everything arrived as ordered, great customer service, much appreciated!


Thanks for the quick response, and for your great customer service as always.


Thank you very much for the fast answers and very friendly service looking forward to being a customer.


Thank you so much for the speedy and detailed response!… exceptional customer service as always 🙂  … I really appreciate your detailed explanations and concern!


I really appreciate your services, and to be honest, I don’t know where I would be without it…  Again, thank you for your concise and well worded response. I look forward to receiving the next order from you. 


Appreciate for ongoing feedback & help.  It goes a *long* way to keep me coming back. 🙂


Thank you so much! If more companies cared half as much as you about customer service, the world would be a much nicer place.


You are amazing!  Thank you. I so appreciate your company’s customer service & support.


Thanks for the great customer service!!


Thank you for being so great and replying so quickly! Great customer service! 


I’d like to thank you again for helping me in this way. I know that you go above and beyond to help your customers, and it is greatly appreciated. This is why I’ve been a loyal customer of yours for so long – not just because the products are great, but because the level of customer service is absolutely unparalleled.


Thank you for following up. You are really good on the customer service side of things.  


I wanted to give you guys some well deserved praise for how well your products have worked for me.  Thank the good lord for CCC and for your work. Thank the good lord that there exists a dispensary with great customer service, reasonable shipping and prices I can actually afford!

I can’t adequately put into words how thankful I am that CCC is out there helping people who need it. People like myself, who live with potentially life threatening disease and illness… regularly benefit each and every day from the work you do and from the cannabis you lovingly provide.

I hope that one day, Canadians can eliminate the stigma around using cannabis as a treatment, and allow people to make their own healing journeys unfettered by big government.

Taking an extra big bong rip in your honour!


Every order and customer service has been highly professional and of impressive quality.


… I appreciate your time spent helping me. So far your customer service quality has been incredible!


I am at a loss for words. I simply cannot express to you the amount of stress you have taken away. I deal with anxiety – and to tell you the truth, this situation had placed me in such an anxious fit. The expert customer service that you have provided me, and have continued to provide is nothing short of awe-striking.  You have gained a lifelong customer, with astounding loyalty – all attributed, again, to the incredible service held within the very fibres of CCC.


I’m very happy with your guys service. As a first time customer I am very impressed. I bought the caramels for my wife, she has been very stressed from work and other personal things. “tell them they are gods” is what she said…. So this is me telling you. She feels very relaxed, and more importantly, not stressed. Thank you so much. You guys have a long term customer with us.


Thanks for the top notch customer service, I always appreciate the quick and helpful manor of your replies.


Thanks for the great customer service!


Thank you very much for the excellent customer service!


My package finally arrived so I’m very happy.  …my partner and I are beyond happy with the product and the customer service. Will be ordering again! 


Just when I start to take you guys for granted, you add another great customer service to your customers.  The new thinner CO2 oils are fantastic!

So thanks for adding such great products like that and all the other quality products and thanks again for staying ahead of the game with new ways to make my life better.


Thanks again for the fabulous customer service!!


Think you so much for rushing the ship. Highly appreciated and fantastic customer service.


thank you as always for your awesome customer service!


Thanks for being patient with me.  Very much appreciated. Your customer service is exemplary.


Thanks again for your excellent customer service.


I want to thank you all for the invaluable service you provide! I just received my latest order. And I very much appreciate the speedy delivery! I have ordered a variety of products, and have been more than satisfied with every order… I love your products and your service and will continue to be a customer in the future.


Thank you again for your excellent customer service!


You guys are really fast!  Thank you for such great customer service.


I love your service and you are running it very well!  I’m very happy to shop with you guys.


Thanks for the great customer service.


Your product quality and customer service are both outstanding.  

Thank you,


Thank you so much for always being so cool with me and the amazing customer service.


Thank you for the great service. I’m truly thankful for everything you provide! 


I am so glad to have become a steady customer of your service.  You offer an invaluable service. Keep up the good work! 


Thank you so much, I truly appreciate the service you provide, but also the compassion you show to your customers.


Thank you for your awesome customer service, and your top quality products!


You folks are a godsend! Thanks so much for the excellent service and amazing customer service!


I have never been more happy with a online service. The delivery was fast and the product was excellent.


Thank you for following up with me. If every service was as good as yours, the world would be a happier place.



Thank you for following up with me. If every service was as good as yours, the world would be a happier place.



Always great service and packaging.


I really hope you stay around as long possible, your price quality and level of customer service is so much better then the other organizations I’ve worked with thus far and I hope it stays that way! 

I honestly cannot thank you enough!


Thanks and I look forward to my next package.  You guys are doing a hell of a job!!!


Thank You All so very much for your excellent service. You have really helped me improve my life.


Thank you so much for the great customer service.


Many blessings for the solstice and much gratitude for your kind service.


I received the cartridge today. It works great! Thank you for the great customer service! Can’t wait to order more! 🙂


… wow the customer service is amazing now and medicinal products are the best medicine I ever had for pain relief and a sleep aid!


Thanks as always for the great service.


Thanks a lot, I appreciate your professionalism.


Your customer service is astounding by the way.  Thank you very much for always being in touch if something is not exactly as it was shown or is out of stock.


Thanks for the awesome customer service, you are the best.


Once again I just wanted to complement the quality of your products and the great service you offer to your customers. It really does make a difference.


Many thanks for your quick solution &, as always, the awesome customer service & quality medication.


10/10 on quality of product,  and 10/10 on customer service and overall experience with the Canadian Compassion Club.

Thank you,


Thank you and thank you again for your excellent customer service!


Thank you once again for your wonderful service and amazing customer service!


Thank you so very much, I say it every time I order but the level of customer service is what keeps bringing me back!


I want to thank you for the services you provide to Canadians who wish to buy quality medicine from a reputable source that can provide accurate information about the products they provide. Thank-you for your good work.


Thank you for being such a great service. 🙂


Thank you so much for your speedy reply and thank you for combining my orders for me!  You people at CCC are providing an excellent service with outstanding customer care! 


You guys really do run a great company thank you again.


I placed a few orders with you guys … and was very impressed.


I was always impressed with how the site was run and the quality of the medicine.  I love your service, it has helped me out so much. I would hate if i wasn’t able to use a service I know I can trust.


Thanks again for the speedy resolution and great service; I’m also really impressed with the product.


Thank you guys again I have been very impressed. 


Hey guys, I’ve made a few orders with you and so far be very impressed with the results and service.


Got my package today very impressed and Thank you so much 


I am beyond impressed with your service. I got my order from Friday on Tuesday! Thanks guys!!


I received my order on Friday and I am very impressed!  The packaging, delivery time and the product is great.

Thanks again for great service,


Hey I just wanted to say that I’m so impressed with what I got, happy to the max.

Thank you


Thank for the superb professional delivery. I was impressed with the product I received.


I’ve received my order ahead of time. I’m thoroughly impressed with your service. I will definitely continue to make orders with you, so long as it is possible. Thank you!


I’ve received my medicinal products and I have to say I’m very impressed with them. Thanks a lot!


I’m super impressed with how much amazing product you keep getting for us!


So I just got the order. Suffice to say I am not impressed… but absolutely blown away by the quality of this. It is some of the nicest medicine I have ever had. The buds are manicured more elegantly than Buckingham Palace, the frost lays thick like the snow during a prairie winter, the smell sweeter than Lilac bushes after a warm summer rain and a taste so good…

Thank you!


I am so favorably impressed with your prompt, businesslike and friendly service. Please keep up the good work.


I am very impressed with the quality of the medicinal products and the delivery speed was satisfying.  Thank you so much for the help, and I look forward to future purchases. 


Received my products on Friday, very impressed.  Thank you.