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Medicinal Quality BROWNIES – CCC (made in-house)

* Gluten Free!  STRONG medicine, made with love!
* All Brownies are NUT-FREE.
** Store Brownies in the refrigerator to keep for up to 1-3 months (or longer).  Will keep longer in the freezer.
** Currently available (if listed in the drop-down menu):


  • INDICA – Made with Indica Mix Resin
    57mg THC / 0.7mg CBD / 1.7mg CBN per Brownie
  • SATIVA – Made with Sativa Mix Resin
    * 56mg THC / 0.6mg CBD / 1.5mg CBN per Brownie
  • CBD – Made with CBD CO2 Resin
     80mg CBD / 4.4mg THC per Brownie

* All natural ingredients (* = Organic):

  • *Cannabis Oil/Resin
  • Avocado Oil
  • *Coconut Oil
  • *Coconut Sugar
  • *Cocoa Powder (Rodelle)
  • Sea Salt
  • Vanilla Extract
  • *Eggs (pastured hens, GMO-free feed)
  • *Gluten-Free Flour Mix (Cloud 9 or Pamela’s)
  • *Love!

Indica – 57mg THC / 0.7mg CBD / 1.7mg CBN, Sativa – 56mg THC / 0.6mg CBD / 1.5mg CBN, CBD – 80mg CBD

3 reviews for Brownies

  1. BM (verified owner)

    So thankful for all the medibles that are available. These brownies are one of my favourites. Organic, effective medicine delivered in a most scrumptious format. The indica is great for sleep or times you want to feel very relaxed. The CBD is great for pain. The sativa is excellent for day time as it is more energetic than the other two. All are delicious!

  2. LA (verified owner)

    The Indica Brownies are amazing !!! Excellent for easing anxiety, headaches, relaxation, insomnia and has helped me sleep through the night. Amazing product!!

  3. DC (verified owner)

    Bought the indica brownies and I will say they are very good. The brownies themselves are pretty decent, good flavor and not to sweet but maybe a little dry. Took almost a hour to feel effects but they are very very relaxing and shortly after I was snoring so for me these are exactly what I want. I will definitely be trying the sativa blend as well.

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